Don Bear USA Technology

With our top of the line software "DBUSA" we have the ability to provide you with automated transit time estimations and actual on time tracking reports as of where your freight is. All this by typing the tracking number below



Don Bear USA has a strong network of Full Truckload carriers that provides a wide range of services to our customers.

FTL are:
Shipments larger than 15,000 lbs. are typically classified as "full truckload" (FTL) or "truckload" (TL). FTL shipments usually travel as the only shipment on a trailer and are delivered on the same trailer that picks them up (in most cases). Truckloads can be shipped on either common carriers or with independent trucking companies.

Full Truckloads differs from LTL in several ways, including pricing, trailer space, and weight limits.
Full Truckloads shipping offers many advantages as well as challenges, ranging from pricing to capacity.

Especialized Truckload Services:
We have vast experience in Overdimmensional shipments, Overweight shipments, etc.


For Don Bear USA LLC, Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is a priority. We have strong carrier relationships with LTL major players, resulting in extremely competitive LTL rates for our customers. We will beat any prices because of the volume we provide to all of our LTL carriers making us able to share these great discounts with our customers.

What is LTL?
LTL shipments make up the majority of business-to-business shipments in the U.S., but represent less than 10 percent of the annual shipping spend. Carriers handle most LTL shipments, which travel on the same truck as many other shipments. These shipments transfer trucks at various shipping terminals along the way.

LTL can be divided into two categories, standard and volume, based on the size and weight of the shipment.
LTL shipping offers many advantages as well as challenges. Key considerations include both pricing and capacity.


Missed pick-ups and late deliveries are all too common in the freight shipping industry, due to the decreased capacity of trucks in the market. The result is more angry calls from your customers, more headaches and the potential for lost revenue for you. If your company is facing these challenges, Don Bear USA can help with our guaranteed and expedited shipping services. We provide a variety of cost effective, expedited and guaranteed options to meet all your customers' delivery requirements, increasing their satisfaction and improving your bottom line.

Don Bear USA offers the following solutions for Guaranteed
and Expedited Shipping:
Time Critical
Time Specific
AM Delivery
PM Delivery

Don Bear USA researches the marketplace, negotiates aggressive carrier contracts, and streamlines all of your shipping modes through our Don Bear USA industry's experts and connections, to provide a comprehensive, customized solution to meet your business needs. Call us today to get your shipments delivered on time.